Welcome a new life!

FlushDetox™ is an effective 2-day cleanse that aids your intestine in cleansing and purifying both itself and the body from toxins.

Transition from fatigue, heaviness, and angry intestine to feeling more alert, lighter, freer, and calmer. Give yourself a fresh start! Note: this is an online course "how to do", and the products needed are inexpensive and easily obtained. (Course price equals: USD 26, Euro 26, AUD 32)

Before and after FlushDetox™

Dr Sanna before and after she started the life transforming FlushDetox™-protocol. Repetition makes the Master!

Photo to left: October 2015 before FlushDetox™. "I was often tired and struggled with irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, histamine intolerance, constantly swollen abdomen and sensitive to many things. No matter how much I exercised and starved, it did not change... A very depressing period in my life."

Photo to right:  September 2020 after two months of FlushDetox and also periodic fasting of 16 hours and sometimes up to 44 hours (Vass fasting - water fasting Sanna special): "I have a functioning and calm gut! High and steady energy: it felt like getting a new body. Back to how it was in the early 40s – so minus almost 20 years!"

Did you know that the body can become poisoned by excessive stress too much, eating late at night, and insufficient sleep?

This common problem  is easier to solve than you think!

When the body doesn't have enough time to cleanse, repair, and renew itself – you will suffer. This will result in an accumulation of poorly functioning proteins, older dysfuntional cells, and toxins, which over time lead to an accumulation of various negative effects.

A buildup of toxins in the body contributes to inflammation, acidification, and increased fatty tissue in order to neutralize the toxins. Perhaps the intestine becomes more sluggish and constipated, and the entire body becomes lazier with reduced functionality. You might sleep poorly, and with mild inflammation and swelling, you don't feel like moving unnecessarily. Exercising feels impossible... Everything slows down - and the way to break this downward spiral is to assist the body in accelerating its detoxification – starting with the gut. Flush, cleanse & detox to give yourself a new start! Taking food breaks, as in intermittent fasting kick starts Autophagy – self cleansing and repairs. All of which canb take place at your own home, at your convenience with minimal cost.
  • Detox down to the cellular level

    This well-defined process removes toxins from the body (detoxes), which melts away excess fat. Note: three times as much visceral fat melts away during longer intermittent fasting. FlushDetox™ may improve hormonal problems caused by gut and liver imbalances. Simple does it: flush out the problems to create balance!

  • Feeling good and looking good

    ... comes from within! Give yourself that gift! When you detoxify your body, you get more energy to exercise, and trained muscles improve everything! Including increased oxygenation of the body, enhanced lymphatic system's function, and clearing toxins from the brain. Less toxic load creates a lighter and more optimistic mind.

  • Reclaim your healthy body – now!

    When you ensure nutritional balance and detox regularly, your body returns to its natural weight – AND shape. It also becomes easier to build muscles and get a stronger immune system due to increased gut health. Your body rediscovers this and maintains its natural shape. It is easy once you are on the path, as our bodies are designed for self-healing and optimal function.

The most important thing is to get going...

... as it takes courage to change. Once you've taken the first step, half the battle is won!"

Do you want to create sustainable health?

This course makes it easy for you! This program will give you:

  • A proven and effective 2-day detox program.

  • A simple step-by-step instructions guide you through the whole process.

  • Shrink hunger pangs and increase you well-being, feel satiated and content.!

  • Receive many inspiring and easy health hacks, such as 6 great breathing tips.

Dr. Sanna Ehdin is a Swedish health pioneer and an expert in self-healing with 45 years of experience in research and health.

Sanna Ehdin, Ph.D., has published 16 books haing sold over 1,1 million copies in 10 countries. She has lectured to over 100,000 people, reaching hundreds of thousands more through various social media channels, blogs, and podcasts. Over three decades, countless individuals have benefited from her health and lifestyle advice! Sanna Ehdin holds a PhD in immunology and is the research doctor who, at the age of 31, left a successful biomedical career within the establishment to pave the way for a new perspective on health that includes self-healing and holistic well-being. 'The Self-Healing Human' was groundbreaking when it was released in 1999, and her other bestsellers include 'Food that Heals,' 'Stop Struggling, Start Living,' and '12 Weeks to a Self-Healing Life.' (Photo - paulinawesterlind.com)

Clients' stories

Tens of thousands of people have successfully applied the FlushDetox protocol to improve their wellbeing, energy levels and bodies. That includes loosing or gaining weight – what ever was needed. FlushDetox can be your Golden ticket to the path of a new, healthier and more joyful life!

“Age 55 years, and throughout my entire life, I've experimented with countless home remedies, diets, medications. Nothing helps, and no one knows why. Except for you and your 2 teaspoons of sea salt (in FlushDetox™). Cost: = zero cents. You should receive a Nobel Prize. Thank you.”


“Two years ago, I started using FlushDetox™ and practicing extended intermittent fasting (water fasting), and I've successfully gotten rid of Type 2 Diabetes and shed the excess weight that was bothering me.”


“Besides all the benefits I've received from FlushDetox™ (and a 1.5-day food break), I no longer have PMS, anxiety, or anything similar. I'm consistently in a good mood and feeling great throughout the month! Hooray! Thank you.”


“"I've had significant stomach issues, extremely foul-smelling gas, constant pain, bloating, and so on. That's why I started doing saltwater flushes 1–2 times a week – and that's when the big change happened: no more stomach pain, no gas, and no bloating! Now I do this 1–2 times a month, and my stomach is in good shape. It's calm and no longer swollen."”


“I do the saltwater flush from time to time, and it works well for me. The first time, in particular, I experienced a significant improvement in my connection with my stomach. It had seemed closed off and inaccessible, but now I felt a physical and even emotional connection with my stomach and gut, more whole. It feels like the whote gut area (intestines) become softer and more flexible after each FlushDetox™.”


“I'm so happy that you exist, Sanna, and that you're spreading important knowledge. I read your book 'The Self-Healing Human' from time to time when I need a boost to improve my life and habits, etc. I'm also planning to get the other books, I have the cookbook... it's wonderful with recipes; it's easier to create healthier meals when I have inspiration from you. Keep up the good and great work! Super THANK YOU for everything!”


“Fasting is a method. I have truly improved my health after learning the importance of fasting. Thank you, Sanna Ehdin, for sharing your knowledge.”


“Thank you for your groundbreaking research, your clarity, and your courage. I'm testing not your protocols for the FlushDetox™ and then VASS-fasting™. Several of my clients have also done it and they are very happy with the results.”


“I don't know if you hear this too often, but you were the one who kickstarted the health consciousness among people here in Sweden at the turn of the Millennium. I am immensely grateful for that.”


In this online course you will receive the following:

    1. Welcome to Your New Life!

    2. About Dr. Sanna Ehdin

    3. Fasting is Not for Everyone

    4. Disclaimer

    1. Why FlushDetox™?

    2. What is Detox?

    3. A Gift to Your Body

    4. What is an Unhealthy versus a Healthy Lifestyle?

    5. Do you have a Fear of Hunger?

    1. Shopping List

    2. Schematic Overview of the FlushDetox™

    1. First Evening

    2. First Full Day

    3. Beneficial to drink warm water

    4. 6 good breathing tips

    5. The second full day

    6. Belly breathing stimulates the intestine

    1. Everything depends on the starting point

    2. The health of the gut is the health of the body

    3. Autophagy

    4. Alkalize with Baking Soda

    5. Sea Salt and Electrolyte Deficiency

    6. Alkaline Flush

    7. FlushDetox by Dr Sanna

    8. How to Perform the Saltwater Flush

    9. Activated Charcoal

    10. Bone broth

    1. Answers to frequently asked questions


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  • 38 lessons

Remember that your body is designed for good health and self-healing.

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