• Science lights the Way

    Science shows that with a healthy lifestyle, we can live to become 100 years old with the health, stamina and vitality of a 40 year old. Based on this, Dr Sanna has developed a life-changing protocol that includes water fasting: the WASS. This gives you the effect of 3–4 days of water fasting in 1.5 days. You are guided to success by courses like FlushDetox and "21 days Transformation". FlushDetox is a much needed top biohacking tool! 

  • Health is Love

    Everyone is yearning for good health, to feel strong and have vitality. We want to live with a sense of lightness and joy in life. That is possible and easier than you think. Dr. Sanna Ehdin has a strategy that works well and will guide you to get there. She has received numerous testimonials regarding her successful and inventive programs. Countless people have been helped to a healtiher and happier life through her health books and lectures since 1994.

  • Dr. Sanna's wisdom

    Dr Sanna’s protocols and methods are based on her 46 years in Health and research, including 13 years of biomedical research and 33 years of studies of self-healing on all levels. Her experience includes life-threatening illness due to many parasite attacks 2011–12. Dr Sanna never gave up and instead studied, researched and experimented to get healthier than ever. Today she has the health and body of a women 20 years younger, and she is 63 years.


“Sanna's Fasting Book is a must for anyone interested in exploring well-being through a recurring daily fast. The benefits of performing a safe, thorough and effective fast to get beauty and inner well-being, are well documented. I have personally tried Dr Sanna Ehdin’s WASS – water fasting method, and it covers a lot and is in-depth, easy to follow and promoting.”

Elle Macpherson - founder, WelleCo

“This book is a fantastic summary of everything you want to know about fasting. Well-founded in facts and science, it introduces the concept of fasting so that it is suitable for anyone who is curious about testing. Really just in time, and a great tool for anyone looking to improve their health.”

Susanna Hartmann-Petersen, MD, PhD, Functional Medicine certified

“Sanna's Fast Book is a comprehensive guide to long-term better health and quality of life by fasting. Dr Sanna describes a historical context to fasting, the body and soul's need for purification and the renewal that fasting gives. You are shown how to implement her WASS fasting method, which is a simple and effective way to a healthier life.”

Peter Wilhelmsson, nutrition and functional medicine expert, author of 14 health books

“One of the major health problems in the Western world is food: what and how we eat and too large portions. Without a well-functioning digestion, it is difficult to build long-term sustainable health. New research on fasting sheds light on the link between an overloaded system and deteriorating health, so the knowledge in Sanna's book is much in need. ”

Estelle Nordenfalk, Chairman of the Board & partner Yogayama, columnist SvD

“Over the past decade, fasting has come back into focus. In Sanna's fasting book, I am impressed by how Sanna Ehdin masters her subject in both breadth and depth. I was impressed by the book’s scientific level as well as the cultural and historical education about the importance of fasting. Her fasting book is one of the most well written and best books I have ever read in the field of health.”

Ralf Sundberg, MD, surgeon, ass. professor. Former chairman of both the Swedish Medical Association for Integrative Medicine and the National Association for Metabolic Health

“The Self-Healing Human is a glorious, inspiring, practical guide for anyone seeking better health. Well researched and warmly written, The Self-Healing Human deserves a wide readership.”

Larry Dossey, M.D. and author of "Reinventing Medicine"

“Bravo for the Self Healing Human! By recognizing the power of the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Ehdin brings to light the missing pieces of today's health care system.”

Mimi Guarneri, M.D., Founder of Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, La Jolla, CA

“An amazing book! The Self-Healing Human is one of the best books on keeping ourselves healthy. Some call it the future; in this book, the future is now.”

Barbara Brennan, author and founder of healing school

A Younger Body with WASS

2015 before fasting

I was swollen, IBS, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), was heavy in body, often tired and lacking energy with steadily increasing sensitivity to my environment.

2020 After 3 months of WASS

WASS - Water fasting Sanna Special - Makes you younger physically and mentally! Have calm and cleansed intestines, high and steady energy and it is like getting a new body. Greatly improved sleep, weight loss, happier, brighter, and feeling energetic.

”Dr Sanna's Fasting Book” is one of the most well-written and best books I have read within health. – Ralf Sundberg, MD surgeon, ass professor

Law of Life

What I feed, grows • What I practice, strengthens • What I think, manifests • What I feel, is attracted • What I believe, I create. - Dr. Sanna Ehdin

About Dr. Sanna Ehdin

”I am on a mission to inspire and educate people about self-healing, waterfasting and holistic & healthy lifestyle choices. Via my books, videos and online courses I educate people to become their own self-healer. Easy, low cost health protocol for a sustainable health maintainance at home is the way to go. Because great health is a fresh produce! This is the Future happening now - so come along!” ✨

About Dr. Sanna Ehdin: With her 46 years in health and research, Sanna is a pioneer of the modern Swedish health movement, initiating it with the classic The Self-Healing Man (1999). Since then she has published 16 bestselling books (being dyslexic), lectured to more than 100,000 people and done over 400 magazine interviews and podcasts.

Dr Sanna Ehdin, PhD (immunology) at Lund University, Sweden in 1988, and did post-doctoral research at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California (1989-92). After 13 years she left a research position to study self-healing and holistic health as an independent scientist.

Sanna was born and raised in Sweden and has traveled widely during her life, being a digital nomad the last 15 years. She lived ten years in southern California and 6,5 years in Western Australia.

"Just as a plant begins to grow from getting sunlight, water and nutrition, a person will grow and change when she practices loving self care, eats nutritious food and connects strongly with Life force energy." — Sanna Ehdin

Note: Fasting is not for everyone.

Your Soul/Spirit is timeless, and so is your body…

I am 63 years of age going on 44!  Follow me if you want to be 100 years old with the health, vitality and stamina of a person much younger.  This is possible with a healthy lifestyle and fasting*.  

I have the tools to make your healthy dreams come true!  YOUNGEVITY

Health is the #1 prioríty all over

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